The Dunblane Windfarm Fund Committee invites all community groups to apply for up to £4000 towards their 2020/21 projects. This is open to any community organisation, group, school, club, or facility in the Dunblane, Ashfield and Kinbuck area.


Application forms can be found on the Dunblane Development Trust website.

On Tuesday 30th June at the ‘virtual’ full council meeting the proposed changes to household waste services were approved by 12 votes to 10. See the council statement here.

The main changes are:
To collect blue and grey bins every four weeks.
Glass collection to cease and glass put in the blue bins.
Food waste to continue to be collected every two weeks in the brown bins.
A proposed charge of c£35 for garden waste collection (in the brown bins).

The changes were proposed due to leases on the current vehicles ending in late summer/autumn 2021 and with the Scottish Government’s introduction of a drinks deposit return scheme in summer 2022.

You can access the waste report here.

If you have concerns, you can contact your councillor here

This community led project is conserving the popular old Glen Road path between Dunblane and Bridge of Allan through the attractive Kippenrait Glen SSSI, for leisure and functional active travel for locals & visitors.

The main aims of the survey were to report on use of the Glen Road path to funders of the 2019 works, and to collect more qualitative information for the future. This has coincidentally provided a useful snapshot of usage under Covid-19 lockdown.

You can access the survey results and read more here.

The Council is conducting a resident’s survey to gauge the level of support for actions that individuals, the Council and our partners could take. This includes finding out what barriers prevent people from making changes that would benefit everyone.

The survey invites residents to provide their views on the Climate & Ecological Emergency. Your feedback is invaluable and we will be using the findings to guide our engagement and delivery programme.

You can access the survey and read more here.

PETAL are a charity who have worked with people affected by homicide and suicide all over Scotland for over 25 years. During the coronavirus pandemic they have been awarded additional funding to extend the service to families bereaved by COVID19.

You can read more here.

June 2020 update

Since the last update, the Braeport Board has had discussions with Water Gems the garden designers and the applicant the Carman Family Foundation. It was agreed that:
The wall behind our new 'Sensory' Garden would be retained as it is.
The remaining wall will be reduced and railings added to a height that prevents entry by deer. One self locking gate would be installed to allow pedestrian entry.
This provides protection for the garden from deer as well as children and vulnerable Centre users.

However, since these discussions, the Carman Family Foundation and the Holmehill garden designers Water Gems have decided to withdraw the current planning application for the water garden and the Listed Building Consent for the wall at the Braeport Centre. The applicants have listened to community concern about the lack of clarity and detail on what is intended and the requests for additional and clearer information which have been made. The applicants will take this into consideration and will resubmit their application soon once this information is in place.

Below you will find links to the original proposed plans from the Carman Foundation for a water garden on the meadow behind the Braeport Centre. This will require planning consent.

Any questions regarding this plan should be addressed directly to Bill Carman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

It would also be helpful, however, to get a sense of how people feel about this project - if you could email a brief for or against response back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it would be much appreciated

Friends of Holmehill


Here is the Project Brief

Here is the Plan


Braeport Community Centre's dementia friendly ‘sensory’ garden is now open after a great deal of renovation work since September 2019; mostly by DDT ‘DIY’ vounteers under the direction our volunteer landscape architect.

Facilities now include a wide range of plants in a large central raised bed and boundary beds as well as a storage shed, fixed play features for young children, seating, a pergola and a retained wooden gazebo. There are a few additional jobs to do including the planting of a large central tree and erection of a potting shed.

You can read more here.

In these challenging times it is good that people can get out and enjoy the old Glen Road. The birds are singing and nesting, red squirrels chasing each other up trees and the spring flowers are emerging. 

This community-led project is conserving the old Glen Road between Dunblane and Bridge of Allan. The funds raised in 2019 for urgent stabilisation repairs topped £38,000 from grants and public donations.  Grants from Sustrans, Clackmannanshire and Stirling Environment Trust, Stirling Council, Scotways, Paths for All, Bridge of Allan and Stirling Round Table, Bridge of Allan Community Council.  Public donations via Kindlink met the target of £5000 plus gift aid.  Works advice and co-ordination from volunteer Ian MacLachlan, IKM Consulting.  Work continues on some drainage this spring, and additional grants are being sought for a new slip meantime.

Some of our funders have asked for user information – hence the survey below. Survey closed 30th April 2020.

Many thanks for your help! 

With the prospect of the difficulties that would come with COVID-19, a group of Dunblane residents decided to set up a community support group. The purpose of the group is to provide support to vulnerable members of the community who are impacted by the changes that COVID-19 brings and aims to provide essential supplies; prescription collections; or a friendly voice on the end of the phone.

In order to facilitate this a Facebook page was set up to gather interest, and following an amazing response, it was possible to allocate team leaders to 12 separate areas of Dunblane, with each team leader managing a sub-group of volunteers. Contacts from people requiring assistance come in directly to the phone of co-ordinator, Heather Simpson, or via the dedicated Facebook page.

The “task” is allocated to the appropriate area team leader via a WhatsApp group and then volunteers are asked for their availability/interest within another WhatsApp subgroup. Jobs are arranged and carried out and then this is confirmed back up the chain. There is a clear set of group rules for this operation.

One of the group rules is a strict policy on not handling cash, in order to avoid the risk of infection for the very people that we are trying to help. Now that requests are starting to pick up it is becoming clear that people are needing more shopping supplies than we had anticipated, and it will not be possible for the individual volunteers within this group to fund this themselves. Also, our vulnerable neighbours have made it clear that they would like to pay, and we have therefore looked at what we can do to manage this, while keeping everyone safe.

We have been very lucky to be able to partner up with our community charity, Dunblane Development Trust (DDT). They are allowing us to use their banking facilities, and any donations can be channelled through their bank account. Volunteers can therefore pay for shopping and later be reimbursed from receipts. In addition, the people we help will also be able to contribute to the fund. Having a start-up fund will be invaluable in coping with this growing need in coming weeks.

You can donate to this fund via Kindlink

You can find us on Facebook here

 If you require help please call 07917 808 458 or leave a message on the group's Facebook page.

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