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Dunblane First Responders are a local charity. The service is complementary to the Scottish N.H.S. Ambulance Service, and aims to achieve the fastest possible emergency response times in a community where the statutory service cannot always, due to distance from the location of the nearest ambulance, achieve their national target response time of 8 minutes.

Following critical emergencies or accidents, casualties may die within a few minutes. However, the Dunblane First Responders provide rapid and vital first aid interventions that can save lives and enhance the chances of survival. A heart attack casualty who is defibrillated and given oxygen immediately has an 85% chance of survival. Every further minute of delay in treatment creates a “therapeutic vacuum”, reducing the patient’s chances of survival by 5%.

The Dunblane First Responders are entirely funded from donations; these support a fully equipped emergency response vehicle, uniforms and life support equipment. Members undertake regular training and assessment with the Scottish Ambulance Service, and respond to appropriate callouts from the divisional Ambulance Control Centre.

Since their establishment in 2009, the Dunblane First Responders have attended over 641 emergency callouts in the Dunblane area. You can find us at www.dunblanefirstresponders.com

Dunblane’s Public Access Defibrillator

defibrillator The fastest possible response is needed to restore a heartbeat if life is to be saved following a heart attack.

An AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR (AED) is an instrument that is used to restart a heartbeat, and thereby restore the vital oxygen supply to the heart and brain. The latest AED’s are designed for universal application. The instrument provides spoken instructions, and can safely be used by the public to maintain life, pending the arrival of medical assistance. A heart attack casualty who is defibrillated immediately has an 85% chance of survival. Every minute of delay in treatment reduces the patient’s chances of survival by 5%.

defibrillator2Following a “999” emergency call reporting a suspected heart attack, the Dunblane First Responders and the Scottish Ambulance Service will attend as quickly as possible. HOWEVER, A DEFIBRILLATOR IS NOW AVAILABLE IN DUNBLANE FOR PUBLIC ACCESS, OFFERING EVEN FASTER ATTENDANCE AT THE CASUALTY, AND AN EVEN BETTER CHANCE OF SURVIVAL.

The Dunblane Public Access Defibrillator is located in a wall-mounted cabinet, within the open porch of the Dunblane Centre.

YOU can save lives with Dunblane’s Public Access AED.

Any member of the public encountering a suspected heart attack should: 1. Ring “999”(free call), request the ambulance service, and report the location of the incident. 2. Keep the telephone call open – the operator will provide essential advice. (It will also be helpful to ask someone nearby to assist you). 3. Make your way (or send someone) AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE to the Dunblane Centre. The green defibrillator cabinet is situated on the wall of the open porch. 4. Key in the access code shown on the cabinet door, and open the cabinet. 5. Remove the defibrillator (and the small first aid kit), and return with the device AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE to the casualty. 6. On arrival at the casualty, open the defibrillator case, and listen to the recorded instructions.


The HeartStart Programme

BHF The Dunblane First Responders offer this course to members of the public who wish to learn (or revise) basic first aid skills. These skills include the control of bleeding, action for unconsciousness, action for choking, recognition of a heart attack, and basic resuscitation. The 2-hour practical course is free of charge, with a certificate awarded on successful completion. The HeartStart course is also a prerequisite for those considering joining the Dunblane First Responders.

ENQUIRIES TO CONTACT THE FIRST RESPONDERS: For information about membership, for speakers, for donations, for HeartStart courses or for services:  Mobile Telephone 07770 563552 e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. website www.dunblanefirstresponders.com

To contact the Scottish Ambulance Service for general information about First Responding: www.scottishambulance.com/YourCommunity/responders.aspx

To contact the Scottish Ambulance Service in an emergency: “999” (The Ambulance Service will then summon the Dunblane First Responders).

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