Located in the middle of a triangle made by Perth, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Dunblane is a perfect Scottish location to visit. With road and rail access from all three cities it is easy to get to and full of interest. Pop in and see us when passing or plan a longer visit to take in our local attractions. A quiet walk by the river where you might catch the blue flash of a kingfisher or visit the ancient cathedral with its soaring stone arches and the oldest public library in Scotland, the Leighton. In here are books dating back many centuries often once owned and written in by their famous owners. Rumour has it one book was written in by Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen when on her death bed.

Inside or outside there is much to do in Dunblane. Get a hot pie from one of our butchers - both are prize winners. Their meat is amongst the best you will find anywhere. Wander round the churches of which there are many for such a small place. Visit our parks and open spaces: try skateboarding on our fantastic skatepark which took 10 years of hard work to get open and then slide down the tunnel slide to the swings. Or sit by the river and watch the wildlife. And when you want larger places then visit Stirling or hop on a train to Edinburgh or Glasgow, the shopping capital of Scotland. Lots to see and lots to do. Come and visit us.

Dunblane Community Partnership

Dunblane Community Partnership is made up of Dunblane Community Council, Dunblane Development Trust and Discover Dunblane. The group has been meeting regularly to turn the results of the Town Centre Charrette into a Community Action Plan which will bring improvements and new activity to Dunblane.

Our previous Action Plan expired at the end of 2014, after much had been achieved. We hope that this new draft Community Action Plan reflects the needs of Dunblane – residents, businesses and visitors – and believe that the actions are aspirational but achievable. The draft Action Plan shows what the community wants to achieve – and will help us to get other partners involved, raise funds for new projects – and get the wider community of Dunblane involved. We hope that you agree with us – let us know what you think.

The Town Centre Charrette : What Happened?

Why a Charrette and why the Town Centre?

Over the past 40 years Dunblane’s community size and needs have outgrown its centre. It was hoped that the Charrette would help define, design and develop our town centre to appropriately support the whole community through business, service and leisure amenities over the next 20 year. Also, the Stirling Local Development Plan has a stated intention to create a Spatial Strategy for Dunblane town centre and “environs”. A Charrette leads to an action plan that guides the best use of available resources. With funding from the Scottish Government Charette Programme we were able to hold the Charrette in April 2015. 

What happened in the Charrette?

In March, working with PAS our consultants, we held a series of preparatory exercises included a survey, “issue raising” community workshops and activities involving school children. Local people attended a 4 day event (the Charrette) in April to generate ideas for designing the future of their town centre by addressing several questions including: How could it function as a focal point for community interaction? What should its boundaries be? How could the spaces within those boundaries develop to satisfy future community need?

What was the outcome?

A Vision was developed to help guide our actions in the future: ‘The Dunblane community wants the Town Centre area to be a vibrant, healthy and inclusive place for people to live, work and visit’. Ideas generated at the Charrette workshops helped formulate FIVE principles for the future development of our town centre:

  1. Vibrancy & sustainability
  2. Accessibility
  3. Capitalising on our natural and built heritage.
  4. Supporting community cohesion.
  5. Meeting the future needs of the community.

What happened after the Charrette?

A report was published in September and the Steering Group (now called the Dunblane Community Partnership) has been considering the report and developing a draft Community Action Plan.

To help develop the Action Plan, a report & proposed action plan was produced. In January 2016, everybody living or working in Dunblane was invited to give their views on these action proposals through an online survey. From the survey, the priority areas from which clear immediate actions should be identified are:

  1. Balancing the accessibility needs of pedestrians, businesses and car users in the  Town centre area
  2. Improving the Riverside area
  3. The future maintenance and development of public services/buildings, particularly with regard to public toilets
  4. Further investigation of future opportunities for use of space in and adjacent to the town centre

The Community Action Plan

The Dunblane Community Partnership has taken the information generated through the Charrette and the responses from the online survey and has put together a draft Community Action Plan to guide activity and partnership working and support our efforts to raise funding. The draft Community Action plan has Five Themes and Ideas for future actions. A copy of the draft Community Action Plan can be found here

1. A Vibrant and Sustainable Town Centre for People and Community Activity - concerned with the promotion of the town centre and its facilities.

  • Devise a promotional and marketing strategy
  • Maintain and promote commercial activity in the town centre
  • Explore how adequate provision of public toilets can be achieved

2. An Accessible Town Centre - concerned with walking and cycling, parking and public transport.

  • Devise a signage and mapping strategy to promote walking and cycling routes
  • Develop street design where pedestrians and vehicles share the roadway
  • Create a revised Parking Strategy (to include cycle parking)
  • Develop car sharing/pooling with online support

3. A Town Centre that Capitalises on its Natural and Built Heritage - concerns the assets in the town centre (green spaces, buildings, the river) and how they can be preserved, improved and promoted

  • Devise a programme for enhancing the riverside; including the Millrow area
  • Improve parklands and preserve green spaces
  • Establish and promote walking tours
  • Enhance the fabric of town centre buildings and street frontages

4. An Inclusive Town Centre that supports Community Cohesion - concerns supporting greater involvement of local people in activities that reflect the needs of all sections of the community

  • Clarify options for community management of existing Council property
  • Explore how the community could be better organised to deliver agreed actions
  • Develop stronger links between different interest groups in Dunblane
  • Explore volunteering strategy to encourage more people to actively engage in community life
  • Foster stronger links between local schools and community to explore needs of

5. A Town Centre that meets the Future Needs of the Community - concerns looking at how future development is managed

  • Explore options for further integration of the dual carriageway area with town centre activity
  • Undertake a longer term study for the future development of town centre


What Happened Next?

Meeting : We held a meeting for all community organisations in Dunblane to tell them more about the draft Community Action Plan, heard their views and how theyould be involved. The meeting was held on Monday 20 February at 7.30pm in the Braeport Centre 

Get involved : We also discussed how community organisations could work together in the future. Let us know what you think! Does the draft Action Plan cover the important issues – have we missed anything? We want to make sure that more people can be involved in making the activity in the Action Plan happen. Please get involved – let us know the skills you have and what interests you.

Working groups : We are planning to set up working groups to take some of the actions forward – watch out here for more information. We will update this site regularly with news on what’s going on. We want to make sure that all households have a copy of the Community Action Plan once it is finalised– so look out for a copy coming through your door – or where you can get one.

Who is involved in Dunblane Community Partnership?

Susan Morris : Dunblane Community Council
Terence O’Byrne : Dunblane Community Council        
Tim Hughes : Dunblane Development Trust
Barbara Allan : Dunblane Development Trust
Dougal Thornton : Dunblane Development Trust
Tom Casey : Discover Dunblane

Contact us

Other reports

The Charrette : Full report and outcome summary

The Survey : Full report and summary

Dunblane Town Centre : A spatial overview


Dunblane.Info's What’s On? pages are the most comprehensive listing of upcoming events in Dunblane. If you have a local event coming up that you would like us to advertise and promote for free, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. providing the following information

  • What is the Title of the Event?
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  • Location : Where is it being held?
  • Name and phone number and/or email address of Event organiser or contact person
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 We will upload details of your event as soon as we can but it may take 24 hours. Many thanks





In Dunblane there is always a large number of development projects being planned; some of these will lead to planning applications being submitted to the Council.

Planning Applications

Find an Application : If you have a reference number, you can access information on a planning application on the Council’s website.

We have a database of recent Dunblane planning applications, which enables you to locate reference numbers for this year and for previous years.

Monthly Update : Each month the Community Council produces an update about recent and ongoing Planning Applications. Find the most recent update here.

Tell Me Scotland : You can also check up on Planning Notices on Tell Me Scotland.

Local Development Plan

The Local Development Plan defines the priorities for future development and will have major implications for Dunblane. General information on the LDP can be accessed here.

Scottish Reporters' LDP Examination Report : March 2014 The full Report is available here. An extract relating to Dunblane is available here

The Stirling Local Development Plan was adopted in September 2014. It covers the period to 2024 Read about it here

Stirling Local Development Plan : Update for Communities – July 2015 Work has already begun on a new plan that will replace the LDP adopted in 2014. In August 2015, the Council will be publishing a Main Issues Report. The Main Issues Report was approved for consultation by the Council in June and 2015 is the first formal stage in preparing a new Local Development Plan. It is an important opportunity for everyone to shape this new plan. Read the Update  The LDP consultation for Dunblane  was held on 22 August 2015 in the Dunblane Centre.

Major Planning Issues

There are a number of major development projects in Dunblane at various stages of the planning process. Some are the subject of Planning Applications, which can be found on the Council website (see above). Others are the subject of a proposal of application notice (PAN) and pre-application consultation (PAC) – these are not recorded on the Council website.

Park of Keir PAC : Park of Keir PAC : A tennis and golf centre and residential development is proposed by housebuilders A L King , along with Judy Murray and Colin Montgomerie, on the 270-acre site at Park of Keir. The development would include a number of houses (it was 100, reduced to 19 in June 2015), 12 tennis courts, a 6-hole golf course, a café and a hotel. Links : The Herald 04 October 2013; The Courier 29 June 2013; Stirling Observer 2 April 2014 (Cover story + continuation); the Park of Keir website; the Protect Park of Keir website;  New planning application14/00455/PPP July 2014; Stop Park of Keir petition. Revised Planning Application June 2015. Herald article from RAGE (1 August 2015). The revised Planning application was refused by Stirling Council in December 2015 . An appeal against the refusal was lodged on 7 March 2016. Go to the Scottish Government website to read the case outline. Read the appeal letter and the grounds for appeal statement; 04May16 Stirling Observer article on launch of appeal. Email about Save Park of Keir's petition. Petition sent to Scottish Parliament read the article from the Dundee Courier. 31 August 2016. A Public Inquiry was held in Dunblane in September 2016 - read the News items posted at the time. In January 2017, the Reporters report on the Inquiry was made available to Scottish Ministers who will make a final decision in due course! Speaker of the Commons, John Bercow, has commented on the application - read the Community Council response.

Gladman's site at Barbush : This proposed development by Gladman had planning permission (12/00289/FUL). It included a supermarket, petrol filling station and office development of 3,021 sq m. Although Sainsbury has been linked to the site, there is no confirmation as to the identity of the supermarket chain or to a date for starting on site.

In November 2016, Gladman submitted a new planning application ref 16/00774/PPP for 80 homes across the whole site.  It now seems likely that there will be no supermarket and no petrol station at Barbush. Update This planing application was approved in April 2017 - read the Stirling Observer article

Hillside, Dunblane : In April 2016 Arnbathie Estates submitted a planning application ref 16/00251/FUL for the erection of 129 dwellings and associated infrastructure on land adjacent and West of Hillside Farm Steading Dunblane. The applicants appealed to the Scottish Government on the basis on 'non determination' by Stirling Council and a decision is awaited. Read the views of the Community Council.

Old link The Courier 24 September 2013.

Kippendavie PAC : Kippendavie PAC : 13/00453/PPP : Kippendavie Group Trust conducted pre-application consultation for a mixed use development comprising the Sheriffmuir Park Centre including garden centre, heritage centre, rural offices, biomass heating system and Sheriffmuir Park housing, to comprise 165 residential units of mixed use tenure at Land Adjacent To North East And South Of Kippendavie Mains, Kellie Wynd, Dunblane. The project was to  be phased over a period of up to 10 years.' The application was refused in December 2016.

Old Link : Sheriffmuir Park website;

Kippendavie Wood PAC : 14/00587/FUL There are draft plans to build 4 low impact housing in Kippendavie Wood. The proposals are being made by Bell Ingram and Bobby Halliday Architects on behalf of the IGM Dalgleish (1991) Trust. The application was refused in September 2015. A new application, again for four houses was submitted in March 2016 (Application Ref 16/00099/FUL). The application was refused in January 2017. Read a Stirling Observer article.

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