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  • Business Name: Craniosacral Work - remember who you are
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    CRANIOSACRAL WORK Ascension Cranio – remember who you are

    Dis-ease is not part of the human condition.

    When we have decided that there is no more need for pain, the healing can begin.
    In our individual bodies and in the world.

    All pain can be released. Some part of this can happen through continuously raising our vibration and clearing our cells, some of it must happen more consciously to unblock energy.

    It is not always easy to do this on our own. The work I offer, supports the self-healing with energy work, knowledge of the four-body system — the physical, mental, emotional and light body –, intuition, love, and respect for each individual’s evolution.

    Please read more about Ascension Cranio, a type of Cranio that I have developed and develop further here.

    “Once we have learned to rebalance what is out of balance in every moment of our lives, we don’t need pain anymore to guide us.”

    Lillian Fellmann –  From: BECOMING HUMAN, collected wisdoms, 2017

    For appointments, email me or phone me

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