CFSLA is the local payroll lottery for local authority staff in Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling

They support charities, community groups and staff fundraising activity by providing grants of upto £500.

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With the closure of this Dunblane 'institution', we send Graham and Elizabeth all our best wishes.



Local charity, the Carman Family Foundation, have been the owners of Holmehill since mid 2018. Bill & Celia Carman live in Dunblane - see their webpage.

They have decided to make grants available to projects in Dunblane which improve public areas for wildlife. At this stage, they are seeking expressions of interest.

The Charity's press release says:-

The Carman Family Foundation has the main aim of improving the environment in public areas. Our first (and ongoing) project is Holmehill. While the Holmehill project develops we would like to support projects that further our overarching aim. In particular, we would like to give some focus to improving those areas so wildlife (insects, birds, amphibians, mammals) will follow.

There are areas of Dunblane that could become more “wild” and improve their value to wildlife. It would also reduce the maintenance required. Apparently small changes can make a difference. For example:

  • Grassy areas can be turned into “meadows”, so improving them immeasurably (in our view) and reducing maintenance (they only need a strim once a year).
  • A few trees here and there can make a big difference to the environmental value of a patch of land.
  • There aren’t enough ponds in Dunblane.

We realise ownership of land can be an issue, but even Council-owned areas are often available for improvement if the Council is not required to support the improvement financially. There are verges along roads, small pockets of woodland – in fact many areas can be improved if one thinks broadly enough. Applications can be made by charities, community groups and others. Any grant applications need to show how the work will provide public benefit.

We prefer the work is done by volunteers, so reducing the cost overall. All other justified costs, including hire of machinery, would be covered.

However, we are unsure about the level of interest in such a scheme and we also need to work out how to manage the scheme from a legal perspective. Hence this is an initial request for expressions of interest. If you think your project fulfills these aims, please send us a paragraph outlining what you want to do, where it is, what the benefits would be and how much you think it might cost – by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


During the Your Stirling: You Decide process, the proposals below were successfully voted for by local people. You can also see updates on these and other proposals on the council website.

Outdoor Gym in Dunblane (DBA19)

To create an outdoor gym, preferably in a central location e.g. Laighhills, Drying Green or Braemar Park. 
The Delivery Group can now reveal the final Outdoor Gym. The outdoor gym will consist of 12 pieces of hydraulic and resistance exercise equipment (see below) some of which is accessible and user friendly for people with disabilities. Laighills was selected as the park for installing the equipment as Braemar is not Council owned and Newton could not be used due to fl ooding. The successful proposal is now being actioned and will be fully installed by the end of June 2020

Create a Safe Walking Route in Dunblane (DBA2)

Resurface footpaths in Dunblane so that they can be used by people with impaired mobility.
A number of paths were suggested by the community and the Delivery Group can now reveal the path upgrades that are going ahead are The Haining, Perth Road / Beech Road path and the Perth Road / Four Ways Roundabout path. The successful proposal is now being actioned and will be fully installed by the end of June 2020.

Accessible Toilets (DBA1)

Initial meeting - 12 September 2019
Discussions took place with delivery group on types of accessible toilets and the possible locations including issues relating to them such as loss of existing toilets.

Meeting - 26 September 2019
More discussion took place on the public understanding of accessible toilets and the group had further discussions on locations.

Meeting - 31 October 2019
Discussions took place on the three locations being considered. Architects have been commissioned to carry out site surveys and report back on feasibility and accessibility. Feedback will be available late January when a meeting will be organised.

Guided Walk attracts 120 people
On Saturday 4 January 2020, a group of around 120 people met for a guided walk on the historic Glassingall Estate; 5km north of Dunblane. The walk was organised by Glassingall Residents Association (GRASS) with walkers from Glassingall, Kinbuck, Ashfield, Braco and Dunblane. Among them were historians, naturalists, local and community councillors.

The walk was organised in response to plans by Glassingall Estates Limited to build a 135-unit chalet park on the estate. The Stirling Observer first reported on the proposals by Ann Gloag to develop a 135-chalet park and residential activity centre on 28 August 2019: ‘Tycoon is behind outward bound bid’.

Jo Bicheno, who inspired the idea of the walk, said, ‘We wanted to do something positive as a community. We kept bumping into people that were upset about the proposed development. They were concerned that the community would lose a valuable place where they come for peace and relaxation. We wanted locals to see the wonderful things we see every day before they are gone.’

Glassingall Estate is one of only a few areas in the Allan Water catchment that has Ancient Woodland. Many protected species have made the estate their home including bats, red squirrels and water voles. There are also nesting birds on the RSPB ‘red list’ including barn owls and song thrushes.

Noted historian Dr. Alastair Mann said, ‘The appeal of Glassingall is broader than the natural heritage as impressive as this is. The history of the estate dates back almost 2,000 years, as the World’s oldest Roman frontier road lies within Glassingall. This connected Rome to the Roman Fortress at Inchtuthill, Perthshire. It is a testament to Roman engineering that the road remained in use for the next 1,700 years and it is truly incredible to imagine in whose footsteps you are walking - Agricola, Macbeth, Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and Rob Roy to name but a few.

Alastair went on to say, ‘We have uncovered an 18th century map that shows that the Jacobite Army marched along this road on the eve of the Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715. It was in Glassingall Estate that they camped, on either side of the road, before the battle. Historic Environment Scotland’s map shows that the Jacobite army mustered at Glassingall on the morning of the battle and it is here where the left flank fled, following the battle. Glassingall, with its open views on to Sheriffmuir, is crucial to our understanding of the Battle of Sheriffmuir.’

With a history of such provenance, one thing we can be certain of is that Glassingall Estate has undiscovered archaeology and preservation of the area is a matter of both national and international importance.

Glassingall is the third large-scale development being pursued by Ann Gloag in the Dunblane area. Both previous proposals were met with widespread opposition and going by the number of people that turned up on a cold and windy January morning, it looks as if the tycoon’s latest venture will be no less controversial.

 Read the Stirling Observer Article following the New Year Walk

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After nearly 20 years registering Births, Marriages & Deaths in Dunblane and running Stirling Council’s local office, Rosina Hamilton has decided to retire.

To show their appreciation of her dedicated service to the people of Dunblane, the three representative community bodies in Dunblane presented Rosina with a bouquet of flowers from a local florist and a beautiful cushion from a local jeweller’s shop.

Our photo shows left to right - Barbara Allan (Dunblane Development Trust), Rosina Hamilton, Tim Hughes (Burgh Chambers Group), Tom Casey (Discover Dunblane) and David Prescott (Dunblane Community Council).


The Stirling Marathon will be coming through Dunblane on Sunday 11 October 2020   

stg marathon


Go to the Stirling Marathon Website


Here is the route





Dunblane Cathedral (Church of Scotland)
1st December - Advent Sunday,
  9.15am - ABC Service – a short, informal, service for pre-school children and their families
  10.30am - Morning Worship
8th December - Advent 2
  10.30am - Morning Worship
  6.30pm - Evening Worship for Advent
15th December - Advent 3
  9.15am - Early Service – worship in word, music, symbol, reflection
  10.30am - Morning Worship
22nd December - Advent 4
  10.30am - Nativity Service
  6.30pm - Service of Nine Lessons and Carols
24th December - Christmas Eve
  6.30pm - Christingle Service
  11.30pm - Watchnight Service
25th December - Christmas Day
  10.30am - Worship for Christmas Day
29th December - 1st after Christmas
  10.30am, Morning Worship


Dunblane Christian Fellowship
Sunday 22nd December
  10.30am - Family Christmas Service
Wednesday 25th December
  10.00am. - Christmas Celebration


Dunblane Free Church of Scotland
Thursday 19th December
  6pm - Carol Service
Sunday 22nd December
  11.30am - Christmas Family Service


Holy Family (Roman Catholic)
Sunday 1st December - 1st Sunday of Advent
  11 a.m. Children’s Gift Mass
Sunday 15th December - 3rd Sunday of Advent
  11 a.m. Bambinelli Sunday. Blessing of Bambino figure
Sunday December 22nd - 4th Sunday Advent
  11 a.m. A Christmas Celebration
Tuesday 24th December - Christmas Eve
  10 a.m. - Mass
  8 pm. - Children’s Celebration of Christmas
  11.30 pm Carols followed by Mass of Christmas Midnight
Wednesday 25th December - Christmas Day
  11 a.m. - Mass of Christmas Morning
Sunday 29th December - Feast of the Holy Family, our Patrons.
  11 a.m. - Mass
Wednesday 1st January - Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.
  12 noon - Mass
Christmas Week : Daily Mass at 12 noon and on January 1 and 2.


Orthodox Community of St Nicholas & St Blane
Thursday 19th December
  11.00 a.m. - Liturgy - St Nicholas of Myra, Patronal festival
Tuesday 7th January
  11.00 a.m. - Liturgy - Old Calendar Christmas


Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Meetings for Worship on Sunday 22nd and 29th December at 10.30am in the Braeport Centre.


St Blane (Church of Scotland)
Sunday 22nd December
  10.30am - Family Service
Tuesday 24th December - Christmas Eve
  11.30pm - Watchnight Service
Wednesday 25th December - Christmas Day
  10.30am - Family Service


St Mary (Scottish Episcopal Church)
Friday 20th December 
  6 p.m. - Quiet Service ‘From Hurt to Hope’
Sunday 22nd December
  10.30 - Nativity Service
  4 p.m. - Christmas Carol Service
Tuesday 24th December - Christmas Eve 
  4 p.m. - Christingle Celebration
  11.30 p.m. - Midnight Service
Wednesday 25th December -Christmas Day
  8.30 a.m. - Quiet Communion Service
  10.30 a.m. - All-age Celebration

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