DCC : What We Do

Key issues for Dunblane Community Council

Key issues include:-

1. The Local Development Plan, planning applications and housing developments

2. Community care services, local amenities, leisure and recreation facilities and the environment

3. Infrastructure provision eg schools, health, roads & parking

4. Communicating with and consulting the Community

5. Communicating with Stirling Council, the Police, the Health Board, etc

To assist in tackling these issues, the Community Council works actively with the four councillors who represent Dunblane on Stirling Council.  We also work closely with the local MSPs, MP and MEP, Dunblane Development Trust and other Dunblane organisations.

Community Engagement : Most importantly, we seek to engage actively with all the people we represent - members of the local community, both individually and in groups.

Dunblane Charrette The community council, working with the development trust, undertook community consultation by means of a 'Charrette'

1. Read all about the Dunblane Charrette 2016

2. Read the Survey Report summary

3. Look at the Survey Full report

Information : The population of Dunblane (inc Kinbuck, Ashfield and the surrounding area) is 9,394. Detailed 2011 Census data for Dunblane is available here

Meetings : The community council meets once a month (excluding January and July) in the Burgh Chambers.

Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

DCC sometimes meets at other times to deal with specific matters that either have great urgency or require more time than can be provided at a monthly meeting.

Minutes : Minutes of all DCC meetings are available here. Minutes are also available on the DCC Page on the Stirling Council website, on the community council notice board in the High Street and at the Library.  

Participate : All Community Council meetings are open to the public. You are welcome, whether to observe, to raise issues, to float ideas, or get involved in a debate. DCC is keen to engage with members of the community.

Volunteer : If you are interested in joining the Community Council or if you want to raise an issue with an individual Community Councillor, contact DCC.

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