Building in High Street declared a 'Building at Risk'

Historic Environment Scotland - a branch of Scottish Government - has decided that the building at 22/24 High Street, Dunblane is a 'Building at Risk'. See the entry in the Register

22/24 High Street is opposite the Sue Ryder shop. It contains two shops and has three flats above. It used to house Tickety Boo and Fuzzies. It has been empty for a number of years. It is a listed building and it is in a conservation area. It dates from 1726.

A 'Building at Risk' is a building which is listed, or within a conservation area, that meets one or several of the following criteria:

  • vacant with no identified new use
  • suffering from structural problems
  • fire damaged
  • unsecured and open to the elements
  • threatened with demolition

The Buildings at Risk Register has been in operation in Scotland since 1990 in response to a concern at the growing number of listed buildings and buildings in Conservation Areas that were vacant and had fallen into a state of disrepair. The Register is maintained by Historic Environment Scotland, and provides information on properties of architectural or historic merit throughout the country that are considered to be at risk.

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